Plaza med., 40x60, acrylic
Nasty skye, 20x25, oil
Harbour Ventimiglia,100x70, acrylic
Square in Cataluñia, 40x30, acrylic
Misty cottage, 30x30, acrylic
Tree beauty, 20x30, acrylic
3 sailing boats, 24x30, oil on canvas
Johan Cruijff, 30x40, oil on paper
Johan Cruyff, 80x60, oil on panel
South of the Mont Ventoux, 40x60, acryicl
Lavendel field, 30x40, acrylic
Vineyard Cataluña, 80x60, acrylic
Honfleur Harbour, 30x40, acrylic
Welsh cottage autumn/fall, 30x30, acrylic
St. Tropez, 80x60, acrylic
Blue shutters, 20x25, acrylic
Harbour 1, 42x61, oil on wooden panel
Orange hill side, 24x30, oil on linnen
Lyann, 15x20, oil on board
Ton, 80x60, oil on panel
Red garden, 25x30, oil on canvas
Sunny “see through”, 30x40, acrylic
Convent Cataluña, 40x50, acrylic
Yellow landscape, 30x40,acrylic
Up against the Pyrenees, 60x100, acrylic
Welsh cottage summer, 30x30, acrylic
Harbour 2, 50x60, oil on wooden panel
Charles Aznavour, 40x50, oil on canvas
Ronald Koeman, 80x60, oil on panel